The Game of Thrones discussion / short radio silence

They say when one door closes (i.e. California Literary Review closing up shop), another opens. Indeed, when I approached a number of other publications about writing for them, I got great feedback. Thanks to CLR, I’ve built a portfolio that has been readily available and easily linked (up until June 18th, when the website goes down entirely). I’m in the process of transferring four years of work, about 200 pieces, the majority of them from 2010 when I was holding up the entire Film & TV portion of the website by myself, to this site. It is time-consuming, nostalgic, and slightly liberating – but with my actual job picking up recently, it’s overwhelming.

I wrote a piece on Mad Men and Game of Thrones for PolicyMic, and it got quite a bit of attention. The comments were largely intelligent, contradictory, and made very good points. Because I’ve been tired and scatterbrained, I probably didn’t make the argument in as concise and clear a way as I could have. And there are trolls everywhere, of course. My skin has gotten pretty thick in the last four years, but it’s worth noting that being called names and told you’re wrong by even a few commenters is pretty rough.

After the first piece, they were anxious to hear more from me, so even though I’ve been braindead and scattered this week, I wrote a companion piece about Game of Thrones only, in which I responded to the commenters’ (often valid) criticisms of the original argument. It’s really a great experience to be able to engage with people in an active, intelligent community. It’s also stressful as fuck. I currently get emails every time someone comments, and I almost don’t want to open them because I just don’t have the energy to take on the internet right now.Beauty and the Beast 2017 movie download

It might be that, after I watch this week’s Mad Men (yeah, I’m THAT behind in life) and write a brief recap/opinion piece on it here, I’ll need to take a break for awhile. I’ll be setting up this site, playing around with navigation, and adding articles and reviews as they come. I may not be writing for a few weeks. I hope you’ll stick with me while I’m making the transition.

Over and out.

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