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American Horror Story: Coven Recap: “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” (Season 3, Episode 10)

Ryan Murphy, that scamp, amped us up for Stevie Nicks’ appearance on American Horror Story: Coven before leaving us hanging over the the holidays. I know your holidays consisted of Cards Against Humanity with Mom and Dad and lively discussion of the Coven’s rising Supreme. (Fact: Mine only contained one of those things, and I’ll let you guess which.)

In Wednesday’s mid-season “premiere,” Murphy delivered on Nicks, prepped us for the finale by “killing off” a few of the coven’s members, and united our warring factions of witches. The episode was one of the most coherent, least insane this season – and on the whole this season has been pretty tame compared to last. Murphy and the writers are zoned in on the goal, and they’re not slowing down for anything. (They are, however, still popping in random new info and plotlines for funsies. It wouldn’t be AHS without that.)

Marie LaVeau

Do not fuck with Marie LaVeau. Photo courtesy Frank Ockenfels/FX.

After Hank gunned down all of the voodoo witches (including Queenie, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her), Marie found herself on Fiona’s doorstep. As she sips a cup of tea heavily laced with Fiona’s whiskey, she admits she’s ashamed, but not about her coven’s violent deaths: “I’m over 300 years old…I taught myself long ago not to waste tears for the dead.” No, she’s ashamed she didn’t recognize their common enemy or respond to Fiona’s pleas for a truce. The writers had rollicking fun pitting the witches against one another, but as Marie tells Fiona with thinly veiled contempt, “It’s a relief to have found an equal, even if that person come in the guise of an enemy.” After Marie beds down for the night, the voodoo loa¬†Papa Legba pays her a visit, warning her she must pay her debt. “The bargain was made long ago,” he intones. Marie climbs out of bed, grousing about how it’s been a long day, and pays a visit to a hospital nursery to steal a brown baby. In her wake she leaves an enchanted nurse and two dead officers.

In the bright morning light, Marie explains to Fiona and Cordelia the deal between her and Hank. Fiona rejects not Marie, but her daughter, sneering that she was not only blind, but willfully blind to marry a witch-hunter. Fiona knows about the “ancient order of men” who kill witches, “black or white.” The enemy is always men, always the patriarchy, in this show. It’d be perfect (and hell, let’s be honest, it’s often true – and particularly in the case of historical witchcraft) if the dialogue weren’t quite so transparent. Which begs the question: why couldn’t Fiona see through Hank? Is it, perhaps, because she’s a pretty lousy Supreme?

Lily Rabe as Misty Day with Stevie Nicks as herself.

Witches, all of them witches. Photo courtesy Michele K. Short/FX.

After she lights a cigarette to calm her nerves, Fiona visits Misty, who’s in a pretty new black dress, twirling in a shawl a la her songstress idol. She’s anxious to show Fiona she’s not stupid, she can’t be easily fooled – or killed. Tricksy Fiona tells her that the title of Supreme is “a skeleton key to anything you wish for in the world.” She then introduces Misty to an old friend. “She’s a white witch, and try as I may, I cannot get her to play in the shadows with me.” Of course, Nicks herself appears, looking every bit the older version of Lily Rabe. Misty faints dead away. “You owe me five bucks!” Fiona cries, kissing Stevie on the cheek. “I told you she was gonna do that.” Read more